Problem Statement: Government is engaged in Social Engineering.

The recent social media activity of Yassmin Abdel-Magied highlights a problem with Government at all strata; individuals and groups are using taxpayers funding to promote personal views and advocate position of advocacy for groups and/or social movements.

Its is Manage Australia believes that this form of social engineering both is an inappropriate use of public money, and inappropriate support of one sector of society in any contest of ideas.

In order to end this practice Manage Australia suggests the following actions;

  • De-funding of all government initiatives, councils, grants and foundations dedicated to forming community perceptions or attitudes.
  • Remove any and all cultural practice, or funding for cultural practices, from regular government day to day activities.
  • Remove all funding for Social Opine or Social Commentary within publicly funded entities.

Further, significant reform of the ABC and SBS in terms of resizing and rationalisation of services provided would aid in the cessation of public funding being misdirected into matters of social engineering.



Problem Statement: Federal Government Travel

The Australian Public Service (APS) Travel costs totalled $427 million for 2016. While a significant amount, it should be noted that Corporate Commonwealth Entities (CCEs) are NOT required to use this system and their costs are not represented in the $427M amount.


The Whole-of-Australian-Government Travel Services ( was established to provide governance and guidance in order to reduce the cost of government travel for the APS. Clearly this initiative has failed to curtail an increasing impost on the Australian taxpaying citizen.

Manage Australia’s proposed solution:

  • Centralisation of Departmental bureaucracy to Canberra.
    • The Senior Executive Services (SES) will be rationalised* and (re)located to departments buildings within Canberra.
    • Non customer facing (shop-front) bureaucracy will be rationalised* and (re)located to Canberra.
  • Air Travel less than 4 hours will be Economy class only. This extends to all levels of APS and SES.
  • Hire Car services will be for exceptional circumstances only and subject to a reimbursement scheme, otherwise ground transport services will be available via a simple Taxi voucher system as used by most of corporate and businesses in Australia.

The bureaucracy formed around Public servant travel has substantially grown, and failed to impact on the cost. The System requires simplification, rationalisation and the entitlements of the Australian Public Servants revised downwards.

* Manage Australia has a view that APS bureaucracy is oversized and outweighs the customer facing services of departments by too great a ratio. See posts tagged Rationalisation.

The Australian Federal Government has too many Agencies and Commissions

The Australian federal government currently has 192 separate entities – Agencies, Services, Tribunals, Corporations, et al. established to govern, administer, and rule over aspects of government delivery outside of Government itself. (click More below to see full list)

Manage Australia believes this is outsourcing of government duties in many cases, in other cases Agencies are redundant in the context of a more effective and efficient government that is focused on the delivery of core government function at the Federal government strata.

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